In July of 2019, Zen Medicine was established to give patients the tools and resources needed to live their best life and to be the best version of themselves.  Our purpose is to  support, guide, and educate our patients on their personal healing journey.  From common colds to chronic conditions to cancer.  We are here to provide options for healing that are outside of conventional healthcare.

We do not focus on just one physical health problem a patient has – we work to correct the mind, body, and spirit so the entire body heals. This broad approach to healing the entire person rather than just a single condition aims to make patients healthier and happier overall.

It is with great honor to announce our collaboration with local businesses that provide healing services, as well as, physicians, chiropractors, complementary healing practitioners, mental health therapists, healthcare professionals, massage therapist, and herbalist. We have incorporated collaborating facilities healing services into some of our healing programs. We are uniting together as a community to give patients the resources needed to truly heal.


treaSure Coast Holistic Healing Center

treasure coast community acupuncture

Salt of the Earth – Halotherapy & Spa

If you are interested in becoming a collaborating facility please call 772-210-6429 or email Stephanie_Pearson@icloud.com for more information.