Nutrition Support and Dietary Support

Whether it is weight loss you seek, issues related to digestive disorders, food allergies and sensitivities, diabetes, high cholesterol, eating disorders, or other chronic conditions, learning how and what to eat is always provided with a personalized approach. 


WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT- Recognize your individuality

Not everyone has the same genetic makeup, food preferences, and styles of eating. We recognize you as the individual, and therefore, personalize our sessions in order to accommodate your unique lifestyle and preferences. New Medicine Health & Wellness helps to modify your behaviors to ensure you reach your goals.

Supermarket Tours

LET'S GO SHOPPING- See how efficient it can be

New Medicine Health & Wellness will take you to where YOU food shop. Whether it is a busy supermarket such as Publix or Wholefoods, or a local farmers market, the nutritionist will show you how to shop efficiently.

Re-dressing the Kitchen

A KITCHEN MAKEOVER- Transform your time in the kitchen

Instead of closet makeover, we perform a “kitchen makeover.” After teaching clients how to shop healthfully, New Medicine Health & Wellness will come to your home to revamp the refrigerators, freezers, and pantries. While there, we can show you how to prepare and cook healthy, tasty dishes AND make best use of your time in the kitchen.

In addition to nutritional counseling and diet planning, services such as body composition, nutrient analysis, and food sensitivity testing are available. 

Nutrition support and dietary support serving Hobe Sound, Stuart, Palm City, Jupiter, and Jensen Beach, 

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It's about understanding Your Needs. Our services for nutrition, tours, counseling,  and one-on-one personal time will be the beginning to how our services change your life. So, let's begin!