Functional medicine is geared towards promoting health and vitality amongst each patient. Growing concerns for lack of complete and quality health care have contributed to the need for the exploration of “whole body,” total care. This article highlights what functional medicine is, what kind of treatments are offered, and how functional medicine can help you. 

What Functional Medicine actually is.

Functional Medicine investigates the body as a whole, as opposed to just the symptoms the body is presenting, to identify and treat the root causes of disease. This practice is effective in prevention and treatment through the utilization of diet, nutrition and exercise. Prevent and even reverse chronic conditions by treating the root of the problem. 


Lab testing and other diagnostic testing will be done to determine what kind of treatment is necessary for you. Functional medicine utilizes a combination of prescribed drugs (hormonal therapy etc.), botanical medicinal supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, as well as stress management techniques. 

How can Functional Medicine help you?

Coaching is client centered and your needs and goals are top priority. Often people are unaware of the gap between what they know they need to do to be healthy and actually doing it. But you are not alone! Countless people from all walks of life struggle to take the leap and significantly change their diet and lifestyle for better health. 

Zen Medicine Health and Wellness implements Functional Medicine to help you manage chronic conditions, lose weight (and keep it off), increase movement, and improve your overall physical health. The pursuit for a healthier and overall better quality of life is just a step away.

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